Best Way to Learn Indonesian

Best Way to Learn Indonesian Language via App – What is actually the best way to learn Indonesian language? Should I find a Bahasa Indonesia tutor to enable me to learn Indonesian privately or should I join an Indonesian language class in group? Or, would it be enough if I simply learn Indonesian language from app, books, learning Indonesian pdf, and videos online?

Each individual is unique. A learning method which works for someone doesn’t necessarily mean that it will also work for you. Therefore you must find your own learning system that has been proven to work best for you.

Best Way to Learn Indonesian

Nowadays there are more and more Indonesian learning apps that you can download for free on Google Play. This is another simple, easy way to learn Indonesian language. Learning Indonesian language via online application could be the perfect solution as you can fit it into your own personal schedule. The problem might arise if you’re not sure which app is suitable for you.  Below are some useful tips on how to learn Indonesian language via apps.

  • Learn Indonesian Language Tip #1: Choose the suitable Indonesian language learning app

Well, if you’re a pure beginner, try to get an Indonesian learning app which allows you to increase your basic vocabulary first. These include colors, numbers, adjectives, verbs, and things around you, such as animals, objects, and many more. And if possible, try to find an app in video format, not just audio format, which allows you to read the words as well as listen to the pronunciation at the same time.

  • Learn Indonesian Language Tip #2: Write down the words

Before you start running your Indonesian language learning app, try to get yourself a notebook and a pen and write down all the words that you learn on each day. Try to read and study all the Indonesian words and practice by reading it out loud and see if you still remember the meanings.

  • Learn Indonesian Language Tip #3: Flash Cards

Some learners can memorize the words better by the help of flash cards. Some others have different method to study the Indonesian words. If flash cards can help you improve your Indonesian vocabulary, you can find some flash cards online too.

Is Learning Indonesian PDF the Best Way to Learn Indonesian?

Nowadays there are many Indonesian learning PDF files that you can get online that can help you learn Indonesian language with your own pace. You can usually obtain these files from an education institution either for free or with a little fee. Some of these files are also accompanied by audio files in mp3 formats which can help you improve your Indonesian listening skills as well.

For those who already have enough Indonesian vocabulary and would love to improve their Indonesian grammar, these PDF files could be suitable for them. They can keep these learning Indonesian language PDF files in their mobile and study these whenever they can.

best way to learn indonesian

There are many ways to learn bahasa Indonesia freely. You can find many applications online that can help you learn the language free. All you have to do is download the app and run them. Most of these apps are for beginners which contain the most used vocabulary in many situations. You can also learn the basic Indonesian conversation from some apps and even some videos on youtube.

If you’re still a beginner, learning Indonesian language through Indonesian songs or movies could be a bit challenging for you, not only because the speakers say the words and sentences too fast, but also because many Indonesians use colloquial words in many situations. So it’d be best if you download some apps and study some simple words and conversations first. If your Indonesian has improved, you can start looking for more free Indonesian learning files online. After trial and error of trying different learning system, you will eventually find the best way to learn Indonesian.






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