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Let’s Learn Indonesian Now

Who should learn Indonesian language? Why learn Indonesian language? How long and what is the best way to learn Indonesian? If you seek answers to all these questions, then read on.

Who Should Learn Indonesian

There are many people now who are interested in learning Indonesian. They are not only Europeans and Australians but also Asians such as Japanese, Koreans, and many more. So why are these people so interested in learning the language? There are many factors why they are eager to be able to speak the language. Some of them are due to business reasons. They have or run their business in Indonesia and therefore it is essential for them to be able to speak Indonesian. Others would be because they have fallen in love with the culture and hence need to understand the local language in order to be able to comprehend more about the culture itself.

  • Foreign workers
    There are many foreign companies operating in many big cities in Indonesia, such as in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Yogyakarta, Bandung, and their surrounding areas. Most of these companies employ foreign workers to work as directors or managers or supervisors and even skilled professionals that are required to stay in Indonesia for a certain period of time, for a minimum of 6 months or more. And in order to be able to work well with the Indonesian workers within their company, they have to be able to communicate in Indonesian language which is the national language in the country.
  • Foreign tourists
    Indonesia is one of the most popular and the most visited countries in the world. Thanks to its amazing natural beauty and culture. With as many as 10 million foreign tourists visiting Indonesia each year (source: wikipedia.com), the country has proved that it has something special to offer that attracts so many foreign visitors annually. Among these tourists are frequent visitors who have deep interest in the culture and language and some of them even decide to settle in some parts of the country (such as Bali and Yogyakarta) for a long time. This requires them to learn Indonesian so that they can speak the language with people around them.
  • Family to foreign workers
    Most foreign workers working in Indonesia bring their family along to stay here. Therefore their wives and kids also are required to be able to at least know some Indonesian language (basics) so that they can also communicate with the locals around them.
  • International researchers and journalists
    Many international researchers and journalists come to Indonesia for their work purposes. And without the basic knowledge of how to speak bahasa Indonesia with the locals, they’ll have difficulty in collecting the valuable information they need. Some of you might ask “why don’t they hire an interpreter or language translator who will help them with their work?” This could be a good choice, but the point is they can’t always rely on an interpreter to interpret anything they find anytime. An interpreter or translator only works for a limited period of time, say several hours a day, and can’t always follow these foreigners everywhere, unless the cost can be too expensive for them. So the only way out for these foreign workers. Therefore the best and only solution for them is to learn bahasa Indonesia.


Why Learn Indonesian Language

There are many good reasons why we should learn Indonesian language.  For English speaking people, learning Indonesian language or Bahasa Indonesia as one of most used Asian languages is a very recommended thing to do, not only to enable you to speak the language with the Indonesians, but also to improve your overall performance in your CV.

Learn Indonesian Online

Learn Indonesian Online or Offline

The existence of internet has changed the way people communicate nearly since 2 decades ago. In a conventional classroom, learning and teaching is done direct between student(s) and a teacher, face-to-face. But since the late of 1990s, people can communicate easily between 2 different countries by using internet. This has also changed the learning process a lot. Before the internet era, the student and the teacher had to be present in the same place and at the same time in order that the teaching and learning process to happen. But it has now changed. Thanks to the technology. Now the learning and teaching process can happen even if the teacher and the student are not present in the same place, as long as they are present at the same time.

Advantages of Learning Indonesian Online

Some of you might be considering if it’d be better to learn Indonesian online or offline. Actually each learning method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the advantages of learning Indonesian online via Skype:

  • By engaging in an online Indonesian language course, you’ll have greater flexibility in terms of time and place, meaning you can literally learn Indonesian at almost anywhere and anytime as long as there is a good internet connection. As we use Skype to do this, make sure that you have downloaded the latest Skype version to enable you to communicate with our Indonesian tutor online.
  • Learning Indonesian online is also preferable if time constraint is the factory in your schedule. Most of our teachers are available for 7 days a week, from 7 am to 7 pm Jakarta time. However it is also possible to learn outside the regular learning schedule with prior notice in advance.

learn indonesian online

Disadvantages of Learning Indonesian Online

Beside the advantages above, below are some disadvantages of learning Indonesian online:

  • The quality of the communication relies heavily on the internet connection. There are times  when the teaching and learning process have to be terminated due to poor internet connection. This is very common during bad weather in some countries.
  • The online Indonesian learning and teaching process can sometimes be more challenging to both the teacher and the student. Sometimes either the teacher or the student needs to pinpoint an object which is not located on the computer screen and it requires creativity on how to show that to your partner on the screen.
  • Both the tutor and the student have to compromise the time difference between them. If the time difference is not too much, then there will be no problem. However sometimes either the tutor or the student has to be ready at wee hours, say 4 am or so.
  • Both the tutor and the student can’t exchange the learning materials in hard copy at the same time. Everything has to be in prepared soft copy. If you really need to send the books in hard copy, they have to be sent or shipped days or even weeks before the learning process.

So judging both the advantages and disadvantages of learning Indonesian online above, you can now decide its pros and cons of the learning process.

Learn Indonesian Free

And for those who have tight budget, please do not worry. You can definitely still be able to learn Indonesian language freely through many Indonesian learning resources available online. These learning resources are available in both pdf formats and mp3 files which will help you improve your Indonesian learning and speaking skills. Please feel free to browse our Indonesian lessons.

Learn Indonesian App

You can also learn bahasa Indonesia via learn Indonesian app available online. These apps will help you mainly to improve your Indonesian vocabulary as well as your Indonesian listening skills and help you pronounce the Indonesian words in the correct way.

Learning Indonesian PDF

Other way to learn Indonesian language would be to get the ‘learning Indonesian’ PDF files which is more preferable to conventional books. Nowadays learning through PDF flies is a much better idea than by using books which are not as light weight as a mobile phone or tablet where we store our PDF files.  You can get some of these learning Indonesian PDF files for free and some others are available with very reasonable price.

Best Way to Learn Indonesian

So after you know how to get the app and PDF files to help you learn bahasa Indonesia, the next question would be ‘what is the best way to learn Indonesian’. Having a bunch of Indonesian learning resources is not enough without knowing how to make good use of it. You need to know how to get the best learning resources and where to get those. You also need to implement a suitable learning system to help you study Indonesian better. Some people can study better by means of flash cards, and some others can learn simply by practicing the language.  And you also need to remember that some learning methods that work well for you might not work for others. Each individual is unique and you need to implement your own system.  And having your own personal bahasa Indonesia tutor can certainly help you improve your overall Indonesian speaking skills a lot faster. It is because an experienced Indonesian language instructor can prepare a good learning materials and guide you through the overall learning process.

For Singaporeans or those who are residing in Singapore right now, you can also learn Bahasa Indonesia (Singapore based) online with us!

Learning Bahasa Indonesia FAQs:

Below are some of frequently asked questions regarding learning bahasa Indonesia online for those staying in Singapore, Australia, or anywhere else in the world:

Q: How much is the course fee for learning Indonesian language online?
A: Compared to the traditional, offline learning method, our online Indonesian language course is far more affordable for the students but still maintain the high standard of our teaching quality. Our course fees start at US$100 for Package A for a total of 10 hours of learning, or US$10 per hour, within 1 month.

Q: How much do you charge for registration fee?
A: At this moment we don’t have any registration fee.

Q: Does the course fees already include learning materials for the students?
A: Yes, our Indonesian course fees already include free learning materials for the students which will be delivered by email or on Skype.

Q: How is the lesson delivered?
A: As it is online learning, all lessons are delivered by Skype.

Q: Is it a private lesson?
A: Yes, we hold private lessons only, meaning we provide exclusively 1 teacher for 1 student.

Q: Can I learn within more than 1 person online or within a group?
A: As each learner has different goals and every student has different learning capacity, we’d strongly recommend that 1 teacher is for 1 student only.

Q: What is the learning schedule like? Can I also learn on the weekends?
A: As it is private lesson, you can definitely learn on the weekends and holiday seasons.

Q: Is it possible to reschedule the lesson?
A: We can reschedule the already agreed lesson within no less than 12 hours  before the lesson starts. If the student is late to attend the lesson, the missing minutes or hours will not be rescheduled or replaced.

Q: Can I get daily homework?
A: The teacher will usually assign the students to do some homework and will evaluate the homework in the next learning session.

Q: What is the payment like?
A: At this moment we receive online payment via Paypal or direct bank transfer. And the lesson can start right away as soon as the payment has been made. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Q: Do I have to have fixed learning schedule?
A: This is another advantage of learning Indonesian privately with us. Each student doesn’t need to have fixed learning schedule. However we’d advise that you give us your complete learning schedule days in advance.

Q: Can I use my own books or learning materials?
A: Yes, you can certainly use your own learning materials if you want to. Simply send us either the hard copy or soft copy of your learning materials and the teacher would be pleased to use those materials.

Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner

Below are some FAQs for those who wish to learn Bahasa Indonesia for beginner:

Q: How long does it take if I want to learn Bahasa Indonesia for beginner until I’m capable of speaking the language?
A: Each learner has his own learning capacity which is different from others. However if you learn every day with us, or three times a week, 90 minutes each, you need around 1 to 3 months to be able to speak the language correctly.

Q: Which one is better, a private class or learning within a group?
A: Learning privately is definitely more beneficial to a student than learning within a group as you will progress much faster.

Q: When I can start learning?
A: You can start learning at anytime as soon as you have made the payment for your lessons.

Indonesian language is considered one of the easiest languages in the world. So there is no reason now for not learning the language. Let’s learn Indonesian online now!

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