Bahasa Indonesia Phrases

Below are the most used Bahasa Indonesia phrases:

  1. Indonesian (I): Mari …
    English (E): Let’s …

    For example:

Mari (kita) pergi. Let’s go.
Mari (kita)) makan. Let’s eat.
Mari (kita) duduk. Let’s sit.
Mari (kita) belajar. Let’s study.


  1. (I): Tolong …
    (E): Please …

    For example:

Tolong bantu saya. Please help me.
Tolong buka pintu. Please open the door.

‘Tolong’ also means ‘help’, for example: ‘Help me!’ means ‘Tolong saya!’

  1. (I): Silakan …
    (E): Please …

    For example:

Please come in. Silakan masuk.
Please sit down. Silakan duduk.

The word ‘please’ in English can be translated into either ‘tolong’ or ‘silakan’ in Indonesian. However there is a slight difference between these two meanings. ‘Tolong’ means ‘you ask for someone’s favor to do something for you’ while ‘please’ means ‘you give permission to the person to ….’.

  1. (I): Terima kasih; or; makasih; or; trims.
    (E): Thank you.
  2. (I): Sama-sama; or; kembali.
    (E): You’re welcome.Remarks:

When people say ‘terima kasih’ to us, we respond by saying ‘sama-sama’ or ‘kembali’.

  1. (I): Ya.
    (E): Yes.
  2. (I): Tidak. (or simply ‘ga’ in spoken Indonesian).
    (E): No.
  3. (I): Mungkin.
    (E): Maybe ; or; perhaps
  4. (I): Permisi.
    (E): Excuse me.
  5. (I): Tidak apa-apa.
    (E): It’s okay.
    The phrase ‘tidak apa-apa’ is often spoken ‘ga apa-apa’ in spoken Indonesian.
  6. (I): Bisa bicara bahasa Inggris?
    (E): Can you speak English?
  7. (I): Saya tidak bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia.
    (E): I can’t speak Indonesian language.
  8. (I): Saya bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia sedikit-sedikit.
    (E): I can speak Indonesian language a little bit.
  9. (I): Saya tidak mengerti.
    (E): I don’t understand.
    The phrase ‘saya tidak mengerti’ is often said ‘saya ga ngerti’ in spoken Indonesian.
  10. (I): Bisa bicara pelan-pelan?
    (E): Can (you) speak slowly?
  11. (I): ‘Ini apa?’ or ‘apa ini?’
    (E):What is this?
  12. (I): ‘ Itu apa?’ or ‘apa itu?’
    (E): What is that?
  13. (I): Berapa harganya …..?
    (E): What’s the price ….. ?

    For example:

Berapa harganya? ‘What’s the price?’ ; or; ‘How much is it?’
Berapa harganya roti? How much is the bread?
Berapa harganya buku? How much is the book?


  1. (I): Berapa semuanya?
    (E): What is the total?
  2. (I): Berapa ongkosnya …?
    (E): What is the fare …?

    For example:

Berapa ongkosnya dari sini ke hotel? What is the fare from here to the hotel?
Berapa ongkosnya dari pasar ke pantai? What is the fare from the market to the beach?


Dari = From
Sini = Here
Ke = To
Pasar = Market
Pantai = Beach


  1. (I): Saya tersesat.
    (E): I am lost.
  2. (I): Bisa tolong saya?
    (E): Can you help me?
  3. (I): Di mana kamar kecil?
    (E): Where is the restroom?
    The word ‘kamar’ literally means ‘room’ and ‘kecil’ means ‘small’ or ‘little’. However the phrase ‘kamar kecil’ means ‘restroom’ or ‘toilet’.

There are many phrases in Bahasa Indonesia that you should study when you learn Indonesian and the above are the most used survival Bahasa Indonesia phrases.

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