How to Learn Indonesian Language

How to Learn Indonesian Language effectively in a relatively short period of time? This is one of the most asked questions when you learn Indonesian language. Learning a new language requires a thorough process and time that you need to dedicate in order to be able to speak the language. Though Indonesian language (or bahasa Indonesia) is considered one of the easiest languages in the world to study, high level of discipline and hard work are still needed in order to master the language.

Below are some tips on how to learn Indonesian language effectively:

  1. Spare some time to read articles or books in Indonesian.
    For new learners who still have very limited vocabularies, you can try to search for Indonesian books for children or short Indonesian stories for children, and then try to get as many new vocabularies as possible and look up the meaning of each word in the dictionary and write those in a book.
  2. Study (memorize) any new vocabularies that you find each time you read an article or a book.
  3. Listen to Indonesian songs and try to get the meaning.
  4. Practice your Indonesian by talking to a native speaker in Indonesian language. If you do find a native Indonesian speaker to practice your Indonesian with, make sure that it is you who practice Indonesian, not the speaker who practice English with you J.
  5. If you have a personal (private) Indonesian teacher, try to make new sentences in Indonesian using the new vocabularies that you’ve found each day or week, and ask your teacher to correct those sentences for you so that you know if you make mistakes.
  6. Try to retell a story by using your own words in Indonesian to your teacher, so that he/she can correct you if you make any mistakes.
  7. Try to get yourself a private Indonesian teacher who can pay full attention to you and fully guide you throughout your Indonesian learning process. This way it’d be much easier to learn the language so that your teacher can tell you when you make mistakes and give you guidance on how to use the language correctly, especially in Indonesian grammar. It is also highly recommended that you have a native Indonesian speaker who knows exactly about the language as we practice and use the language every day here in Indonesia. Only a native speaker who knows all about the idioms, colloquial (spoken or slang) words, phrases, and expressions better than non-native speakers. A non-native speaker might know how to speak Indonesian in a formal situation, but only native speakers who know how to use it in both formal and informal situations.

By following the above steps over and over again, you will soon make meaningful progress in learning bahasa Indonesia. Learning a new language requires a lot of effort to master it. And learning by doing is the best way to master a new language. We all know that practice makes perfect, and so the more you practice your Indonesian with a native speaker, the faster and the easier you will be able to finally speak Indonesian. This is the key on how to learn Indonesian Language effectively.

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