How to Speak Indonesian

How to Speak Indonesian Fast

Below are some tips on how to learn to speak Bahasa fast:

  • Get new vocabularies each day.
    Write a list of new vocabularies each day and try to study them and use those words in daily lives.
  • Speak with the locals.
    Try to always practice the language with the locals. This will not also help you correct the mistakes you’ve made but also improve your listening and speaking skills.
  • Read as many articles or books in Indonesian.
    Try to understand the meaning of the expressions and phrases you find in each article or book you read will improve your vocabularies. If you are still a beginner, then try to get an Indonesian books for children (kindergarten or primary schools) or try to read the Indonesian story books for small kids which will definitely improve your vocabularies fast.
  • Watch Indonesian movies or listen to Indonesian songs.
    This might sound easy and simple to do yet this activity will also improve your listening skills as well as your vocabularies. As most Indonesian movies and songs use colloquial words and expressions, this would certainly help if you are learning the spoken (colloquial) Indonesian. However if you are still focusing on learning the formal Indonesian, then it’d be better if you watch the Indonesian news broadcasts on television rather than the soap operas and songs. Reading Indonesian articles on news or politics or economics could also improve your vocabularies. If you want to improve your listening skills, then listening to Indonesian news broadcast rather than the pop songs is also a good idea as they use very formal Indonesian following the correct grammar rules.
  • Get yourself a good quality of dictionary.
    A good quality of dictionary will help you learn Indonesian faster as you can find the examples of word usage in it. It’d be a good idea if you also have the English to Indonesian dictionary as well as Indonesian to English dictionary.

Below are a few Indonesian phrases you can study and practice at home:


English Indonesian
Blue Biru
Red Merah
Pink Pink (or: merah muda)
Orange Oranye
Yellow Kuning
Black Hitam
Green Hijau
Brown Coklat
White Putih
Silver Warna perak
Golden Warna emas
Turquoise Biru kehijauan
Grey Abu-abu
Purple Ungu
Cream Krem
Bronze Perunggu
Khaki Coklat kekuning-kuningan
Indigo Nila
Light blue Biru Muda
Dark blue Biru tua
Blonde Pirang
Greenish Kehijauan
Reddish Kemerahan

How to ask colors in Indonesian:

  • English (E): What color is this?
    Indonesian (I): Warna apa ini?
  • E: This book is not blue, but green.
    I: Buku ini bukan biru, tetapi hijau.
  • E: Do you have yellow?
    I: Apakah ada punya/ ada kuning?
  • E: My hair is black and your hair is blonde.
    I: Rambut saya hitam dan rambut anda pirang.
  • E: This cake is yellowish.
    I: Kue ini kekuningan.
  • E: What color is your car? My car is white.
    I: Warna apa mobil anda? Mobil saya putih.

There are many ways on how to learn to speak Indonesian effectively and you need to work hard to be able to speak Indonesian well.

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