Indonesian Language Course – For those who are looking for info regarding Indonesian language course, you’ve come to the right place. We provide Bahasa Indonesia lessons from beginner level to advanced level. Our teachers are available every day, from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays. So if you’re more interested in learning Indonesian online via Skype, our language instructors can adjust to your learning schedule.

Beside Indonesian language course for general purposes, we also provide courses for specific purposes. Our Indonesian language course for specific purposes is specially designed for those who want to improve their Indonesian language skills in a chosen, specific subject, such as geology, military, medicine, technology, business and teaching. Our experienced, fully trained teachers design customized lesson materials to meet your personal learning needs and objectives. It is due to the reason that even though you can communicate well enough in Indonesian, there are times when you still encounter certain situations which require you to understand even more of special expressions, terms and phrases specifically used in a certain area.

indonesian language course

Below are some examples of our Indonesian language course for specific purposes:

  • Business Indonesian
    The lessons focus more on commercial communication skills required in presentation and negotiation skills as well as writing reports and documents, with great emphasis on developing the vocabulary and expressions used in business field. Learning materials focus on the following subjects: banking, pricing, insurance, accountancy, sales, marketing, finance, writing press release, advertising, human resources, explaining survey data and other business related.
  • Medical Indonesian
    The lessons are specifically designed for those working in the field of medicine, such as doctors and nurses with great emphasis on developing communication skills among the colleague and patients. Learning materials focus on the following areas: discussing symptoms, medical treatment, pharmacy, health procedures, and other health relating issues.
  • Indonesian for military
    The lessons are ideal for those working in the field of military. The topics include social issues, natural disaster, terrorism, security, international relationships, political and diplomatic issues, laws, news broadcast on various topics and other related subjects.

All learning materials are specially designed to suit each student’s learning objectives and requirements based on the student’s work field and interests while still focusing on all basic language skills, which are listening, reading, writing and speaking. As it is a private course, you are also welcome to use your own learning materials. Please feel free to send us either via email or snail mail before your lesson starts.

This Indonesian language course for specific purpose is carefully designed around each learner’s professional goals to ensure that he or she feels confident communicating in Indonesian language in their work.

Technical know-how and in-depth knowledge are the key factors of one’s success in career. However these key factors wouldn’t be complete without sufficient communication skills. In order words, success is not only a matter of how much knowledge one has, but also how to communicate the ideas to others. Therefore excellent communication skill is considered the best asset an employee can have, and it is perceived as one of the most important aspects to secure and retain one’s career as well as to improve productivity, work performance and enhance self-confidence.

Learning a new language is your gateway to a different, new world, as well as your golden ticket to better professionalism. And learning Indonesian will be much easier if you have a private language instructor who will guide you personally throughout your learning process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are more interested in a different field other than the above and we would be pleased to provide you with further information regarding Indonesian language course for specific purposes.



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