Indonesian Language Basics

Our Indonesian language (basics) program includes as follow:

  1. Indonesian grammar
    Unlike many other Asian or European languages, the Indonesian language is considered one of the easiest languages in the world. We do have grammars that you have to study. However we have only very limited grammar that you can master it within a short period of time. Basic Indonesian grammars include word order and noun clause. If you have not learned Indonesian language at all and would like to start at beginner’s class, then some of the basic Indonesian lessons include telling time, personal pronouns, prepositions, negation, numerals, articles, word order, asking questions (in many different situations), plurality and ordinal numbers, and some verbs.
  2. Making sentences
    The teachers always encourage all students to make sentences of any given (new) vocabularies so that they know how to use the words in many different contexts in the correct way. Sentence making task can be in the form of homework or oral exercises.
  3. Telling a story
    Story-telling is part of our Indonesian class for beginners. In this class all students are encouraged to retell a story by using their own words in the correct Indonesian grammar.
    At the end of this basic Indonesian class, you will be able to make sentences and tell stories as well as engage in simple conversation.
  4. Conversation
    Being able to speak Indonesian or engage in a conversation soon enough is the goal of most learners. Our basic Indonesian language program enables you to use the Indonesian language in many different situations, including shopping, going to the market, bargaining, telling time, asking for directions, introducing yourself or others, talking about hobby and weather, buying tickets, making reservation at the ticket office or travel agency, ordering food at the restaurant, visiting a friend, and telephoning.

In order to learn Bahasa Indonesia effectively, you need a good learning system as well as a bahasa Indonesia tutor to help you guide throughout the learning process.

The key to learning Indonesian language within a relatively short period of time is that you have to have enough vocabularies and knowledge of Indonesian grammar. In order to do that, our teacher will also provide you some of the most used vocabularies in each different situation that you need to study. At the end of each session the teacher might also give you some homework that you need to do at home. And it is also strongly recommended that you study the previous learning materials before the beginning of a new learning session as the teacher will give you a 5-minute review test for the previous lessons.

indonesian language basics

Another question that you might ask is that how long it takes for a learner to master basic Indonesian. The answer to that question depends on a lot of factors such as how many times a week you join the course and the level of determination and discipline you have. But usually most beginners already show meaningful progress between 1 to 3 months of learning.

Another key to learning Indonesian successfully is that you should try to practice Indonesian language with your instructor in each learning session. Please do not afraid of making mistakes as we are all still learning and we do progress from the mistakes that we make. So if you want to speak Indonesian, join our Indonesian language basics class now!


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