Indonesian Lessons

Free Indonesian Lessons – Looking for free Indonesian lessons to learn Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia)? In this section you’ll gain access to our latest free Indonesian lessons. Please feel free to browse all the free learning Indonesian mp3 files, starting from greetings, basic conversation example, most used vocabularies and phrases, including colors, names of days and months, adjectives and verbs, and many more. You can hear all the words and phrases pronounced by an English speaking person and a native Indonesian speaker. All of these free Indonesian language study programs are in very good quality audio files.

Indonesian lessons

If you are a beginner, you can start with lesson 1 and proceed to the next lesson(s). All these Indonesian lessons (mp3 files) will help you practice your listening and speaking skills. Each file contains most used vocabulary in every situation spoken by an English speaker and Indonesian speaker. By listening to these audio files, you can learn how each words and phrases are used in many different situations within a dialogue.

Free Indonesian Lessons Tutorial

  1. Browse through the files and decide which file is the most suitable for you.
  2. Click on the link provided and listen to what the speakers say.
  3. Listen carefully as each speaker says.
  4. Try to pronounce each word spoken by the Indonesian.
  5. If necessary, you can also take note all those words spoken on a piece of paper and study later.
  6. If you have a dictionary, you can also write down the meaning of those Indonesian words you hear on each file. Or you can also use Google Translate service for this.
  7. Try to make new sentences of all the vocabulary/ words you hear on these files.
  8. Ask your language instructor to check all those sentences for you and see if you’ve done it correctly.

Indonesian Lessons – mp3 files (listening)

Indonesian lesson 1 – Greetings in Indonesian

Indonesian lesson 2 – Traveling by Taxi

Indonesian lesson 3 – List of Adjectives

Indonesian lesson 4 – Indonesian words and phrases

Indonesian lesson 5 – List of vegetables

Indonesian lesson 6 – Names of days and months

Indonesian lesson 7 – Colors

Indonesian lesson 8 – Telling time

Indonesian lesson 9 – Companies

Indonesian lesson 10 – Talking about Family

Lesson 11 – At the train station

Lesson 12 – At the restaurant

Lesson 13 – At the department store (going shopping)

Lesson 14 – Body

Lesson 15 – Locations

Lesson 16 – Ordering Food

Lesson 17 – Talking about transportation

Lesson 18 – Talking about weather

Lesson 19 – Learning about numbers

Lesson 20 – In the kitchen

Lesson 21 – Talking about Clothes

Lesson 22 – At Home

Lesson 23 – Expressing Love and Affection

Lesson 24 – Vocabulary about Animals

Lesson 25 – Cars

Lesson 26 – At the Travel Agent

Lesson 27 – In the Bathroom

Lesson 28 – In the Bedroom

Lesson 29 – In the Classroom

Lesson 30 – Insects

Lesson 31 – Command

Lesson 32 – Jobs

Lesson 33 – Questions and Answers

Lesson 34 – On the airplane

Lesson 35 – At the Pharmacy

Lesson 36 – Basic Indonesian Conversation

Lesson 37 – Natural Disasters

Lesson 38 – Traveling Around Town (introduction)

Lesson 39 – Traveling Around Town (part 1)

Lesson 40 – Traveling Around Town (part 2)


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