Lesson 1 of Learning Indonesian Conversation Greetings

In lesson 1, you’ll learn some of the basic Indonesian greetings in simple conversation. Pay attention to how these speakers address each other. Press the ‘play’ button to start listening.



Learning Indonesian Conversation

Learning Indonesian conversation should be easy if you know how to do it right. Most learners want to learn Bahasa Indonesia as they want to achieve their main goal which is to be able to converse in every day’s life. However in order to achieve this goal they have to have some basic knowledge first, including enough vocabulary and grammar.

But the problem that we’re all facing right now is that there are nearly tens of thousands of Indonesian words and phrases, so which ones should we study first? Which ones are the most important ones that will help you improve your speaking skills faster?

Key to Learning Indonesian Conversation

Below are some important things to remember if you want to improve your Indonesian speaking skill:

  • Build up your vocabulary.
    Let’s face it! A story or a conversation is usually composed of several paragraphs, and a paragraph is usually composed of several sentences, and a (complete) sentence is composed of more than just 1 word. So what would you say or speak if you have very limited vocabulary? Then it is very important that you have to have enough vocabulary in order to be able to speak Indonesian.

Another question that might come up now would be “how to build up vocabulary”? Actually there are several different ways of how to build up your vocabulary, and each learner has his/her own different technique that might not work for others. But the most popular one would be to read as many literature or readings as possible, and write down as many new words or phrases you can find in a book, then try to find the meaning of those new words and phrases by looking up in your dictionary, and study or memorize them.

But what if you tend to forget those new words even if you have studied them several times? There is another technique to overcome this problem. You have to use those new words in daily conversation or simply make simple sentences out of them and ask your teacher to correct them all. In this way you will remember the meanings of the words and phrases better as you will associate them with the sentences or story that you make.

  • Practice a lot!
    Practice makes perfect. And the more you practice your Indonesian language with others, the more fluent you will be. By practicing the language you will also know and hear how other native speakers are using the very same words and phrases in many different contexts. This will definitely improve not only your listening skills but also your speaking skills. Try to speak the language with a local or native Indonesian speaker with minimal accent.
  • Watch Indonesian movies & listen to Indonesian songs.
    Watching Indonesian movies and listening to Indonesian songs can undoubtedly improve your overall Indonesian speaking skills. These activities not only will improve your vocabulary but also teach you how to use certain words and phrases in many different contexts.

Learning a new language can give you a lot of benefits, and you can start by learning Indonesian conversation.

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