Lesson 12 of Learn Indonesian Language at the Restaurant

Learn Indonesian Language: At the Restaurant

Let’s learn Indonesian language at the restaurant! In this lesson you will learn Indonesian words and phrases used when you’re at the restaurant. Press the ‘play’ button of the audio player below and you’ll start to hear words in both English and Indonesian pronounced the native speakers.

Tips on How to Learn Indonesian Language

Below are some useful tips you should you about how to learn Indonesian language effectively:

  • Improve your Indonesian vocabulary
    Improving your Indonesian vocabulary is one of the success key to learn Indonesian language. However many people find it difficult or boring or even frustrating to learn the new words, especially when they feel that they have weak memory. They have tried so many ways to study the words but they keep forgetting them. Everyone is unique. And the learning system that might seem to work for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will also work for others. That’s why you have to find a good system that will definitely work for you!
    No matter how difficult or boring it seems, improving you overall Indonesian vocabulary is a must! You can try flash cards or anything that fit your learning styles.
    Some of you might wonder why you need to expend your vocabulary? Let’s put it this way. Most learners’ goal is to be able to speak in Indonesian. If you really want to be able to speak Indonesian, you have to be able to form good sentences. And sentences are made up of words. So how would you even be able to form sentences if your vocabulary is very limited?
    So what is the best way to improve your Indonesian vocabulary? There are several ways of how to improve your vocabulary. The most common way is to read as many Indonesian books or articles as possible as list out all the new Indonesian words you’ve found on a piece of paper or within a book. The more new words you find, the better. Secondly, try to find all the meanings to those new words and write down all those meanings on the same piece of paper. Thirdly, try to make sentences out of those new words and let your Indonesian teacher check if you make good and correct sentences or not. And lastly, study those new words as well as the meanings. It’s just as simple as that!
  • Practice your Indonesian
    Practicing your Indonesian language doesn’t only mean that you have to speak Indonesian, but you also have to have written practice such as making sentences and writing stories in good Indonesian language. And to be able to do this you have to do this with an Indonesian tutor who can help you identify when you make mistakes. Your Indonesian teacher can also ask you to engage in a conversation with him/her so that you can also practice your listening skill.

Learning one of the easiest languages in the world should come easy as long as you have strong determination and you know how to do it effectively. Learning a new language without a teacher is also possible but it will certainly take you longer time than those who learn with a teacher who can guide you throughout the learning process so that  you can benefit more.

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How to Learn Indonesian Language without Any Teacher

Below are some useful tips on how to learn Indonesian language if you decide to learn independently:

  • Try to expand your vocabulary.
    You can do this by reading as many as Indonesian literature as possible or watching Indonesian movies or even listening to Indonesian songs and try to understand the meanings of each word you find. The only problem with this is sometimes you’ll find sentences or words which don’t really follow the grammar and this might confuse you if you learn Indonesian language independently. Nowadays many Indonesian songs and movies use slang or informal words which are not even taught at formal schools. This could be very challenging for those starting at beginner level.
  • Always find some time to practice.
    This will not be a problem if you stay in Indonesia. However this could be a problem if there is not even an Indonesian staying near you. But if you can really find a study partner who is willing to help you on this, that’d be great!

Learning a new language could be a bit challenging for some people. But nothing is too late or even impossible if you’re willing to invest in your time and effort for something you’ll be proud of later. So contact us now to learn Indonesian language with us!


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