Lesson 2 of Learning Indonesian Traveling by Taxi

In lesson 2 of free learning Indonesian study program, you’ll learn more words and phrases for traveling by taxi.



For those who are learning Indonesian language or interested in taking Indonesian lesson, learning the new words and phrases applicable to various different situations is very essential as this can help you survive in daily lives, one of them would be traveling by public transportation such as taxi.

Reasons to Learn Indonesian Phrases for Traveling by Taxi

Many people know that there are not many English speakers in Indonesia, including those living in big cities. This is due to the fact that the country was colonialized by the Dutch, unlike other neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia which were colonialized by the British. This is also the reason why there are many English speakers in these 2 countries.

And this is also one of the biggest reasons why we should learn Bahasa Indonesia so that we can communicate more easily with the locals, including taxi drivers.

Important Subjects in Learning Indonesian Phrases for Traveling

If you’re keen on traveling, then you should definitely learn the most used words and phrases for traveling. There are some very important phrases or subjects that you need to focus on when you’re learning Indonesian, such as numbers, telling time, asking directions, names of places and buildings, and basic conversation skills. With all these basic Indonesian speaking skills, you wouldn’t have to worry about traveling in Indonesia.

  • Numbers
    Learning about ‘numbers’ in Indonesian is one of the most essential lessons of all. With this knowledge, you will be able to negotiate prices with the sellers, asking fares to taxi drivers, and many more. This is also the basic thing you should know prior to learning about telling time.
  • Telling Time
    The next time you should study is how to tell time in Indonesian language. There are 2 ways of how to tell time in bahasa Indonesia, the easy way and the more complicated one. Most learners would be happy to just learn the easy one, however when the locals speak to you in the other way, you are supposed to understand too.
  • Asking Direction
    Whether you’re traveling by taxi or just on foot, the lesson about ‘asking direction’ is very important for you to learn. With this knowledge, you will be able to travel around the city without the help of a local guide and hence saving you a lot of money as well. You might think that a GPS installed in your smartphone would be enough to help you explore an area. However sometimes not all places are listed within a map, or sometimes you’ll need to ask the location of a certain store within a building. So never underestimate this very important lesson.
  • Names of Places and Buildings
    Just like learning other languages in the world, you need to build up more vocabulary each time, and the nouns associated with the names of places and buildings are also very important to study.

Traveling around the city or exploring a new area would be adventurous. However you might feel this a bit troublesome if you don’t speak the local language. And that’s a good reason why you need to learn Indonesian phrases for traveling.

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