Lesson 4 of Learning Indonesian Words and Phrases

In lesson 4 of learning Indonesian study program, you’ll learn more of Indonesian words and phrases which are most used in conversation. Listen to the pronunciation carefully and try to remember the meanings.



Learning Indonesian words and phrases is one of the most interesting parts of bahasa Indonesia studying process. Leaners can discover that one word or phrase can have so many different meanings depending on the context and situation. Moreover the Indonesian language keeps developing each time which leads to even more new words and phrases.

So what is the best way to learn these Indonesian words and phrases? Or, should I focus on the formal ones only and forget about the less formal ones? Or, is it possible to just study the spoken ones without studying the formal ones? Read on, and you’ll find the answers below.

How to Learn Indonesian Words and Phrases

Just like most languages in the world, bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language consists of the formal one and the spoken (or less formal) one. Both are very important to learn. It is because if you focus on the formal one only and ignoring the spoken one, you’ll find difficulty communicating with the locals as we communicate by using the spoken language most of the time. However if you choose to learn the spoken ones only without learning the formal one at all, it’d be very challenging to learn as all the colloquial words and phrases, including grammar, comes from the formal one. And you wouldn’t understand how it works if you don’t learn the formal one. So there is no choice for you but to start learning the language from the formal one and continue to the less formal one. This one would be a lot easier for you as a learner.

Studying Indonesian words could be easier than studying Indonesian phrases. An Indonesian phrase can have a totally different meaning from an English one. So the best way to learn Indonesian phrase would be to analyze its context from the sentence itself or paragraph related to the whole story.

The best and most effective way to learn the Indonesian phrases would be to write down all the phrases you can find on a piece of paper and you must also write down several examples describing how to use these phrases in many different situations.

If you are a beginner, you can start by studying the most used phrases which are usually used in basic, simple conversation and proceed to the more complex situations. One useful tip here how to find the example of how to use the phrases is by looking up in a conventional dictionary where you can find the usage of the phrases in many different situations. Unlike the online dictionary, the conventional dictionary has much better usage for this kind of purpose.

Because Indonesian language consists of formal and spoken one, sometimes the phrase is also used differently in both formal and less formal situations, but fortunately both has the same grammar rule and structure which would be less confusing for the learners.

Learning Indonesian language is not as difficult as it might seem. And it all starts by learning the most used words and phrases.

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