Lesson 5 of Learning Indonesian Vegetables

In lesson 5 you’ll learn more of Indonesian words (vegetables) which you can use in various situations such as going shopping or going to the market or any situation in the restaurant.



Learning Indonesian language involves a wide variety of subject. You need to learn not only the most used words and phrases but also the grammar. These are the most basic things you must pay attention to before you proceed to the next phase of learning. One of the many questions some learners might pop up is what most used words that we must learn as beginners.  If your main goal of learning the language is to be able to speak with the locals, then you must certainly focus on objects or nouns that you can find around you. These include names of vegetables, fruits, food, buildings, and many more. This will help a lot when you’re going shopping, either to a supermarket or to the local market around the city.

How to Learn Indonesian Vegetables

With so many Indonesian words for vegetables, so what would be the best way to study all these? The best way would be to learn these words together with the pictures that will help you remember all these names in Bahasa Indonesia.

But we have good news for you. Some of these words are very close to those in English and other language, such as German. These definitely help the learners a lot in memorizing the meanings of the words in your own language.

Another good way to learn the Indonesian names for vegetables would be to practice it a lot in your every day’s life. Try to go to a local market and try to ask around or even bargain with the locals. If it is not possible for you, another way would be to get yourself an Indonesian book for toddler where you can find all the list of vegetables in both the English language and Indonesian, together with the pictures. Then try to study or memorize all those words and practice the pronunciation.

Studying Indonesian is not as difficult as most people might assume. All you have to do is just practice and practice. Don’t be scared of practicing your bahasa Indonesia with others. Some might feel shy or scared that others will laugh at your pronunciation. But don’t worry about this as they know you’re still learning and they’d be glad to help or even correct you. So actually the key to really speak the language is practice as often as possible.

If you have some spare time, try to find an Indonesian book for kids and try to understand the words and phrases used in the sentences. Just bear in mind that if a kid can understand that, so it wouldn’t be too difficult for an adult like you to comprehend that too, right? Nowadays there are so many Indonesian children books available out there sold at incredibly affordable price. All you have to do is just get some and study them. If you find some new words or phrases you’ve never known before, write them down and try to look them up in a dictionary, and last but not least, study them. It’s just as simple as that. So.. happy learning!

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