Lesson 7 of Learning Indonesian Language Colors

In lesson 7, you’ll learn more Indonesian language words, which are colors. Press the ‘play’ button and you’ll hear 2 persons saying about colors in both English and Indonesian.



If you’re interested in learning bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language and you’ve never learned the language before, you can start learning Indonesian free from the basic as we have many free Indonesian lessons available. However if you’re more interested in focusing on Indonesian conversation, you need to learn the most used words and phrases that are often used within a conversation, such as greetings, numbers, asking directions, and many more. One of the most important subjects to learn is about colors.

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Why to Learn Indonesian Language (Colors)

There are many reasons why you need to learn about colors in Indonesian language. If you’re a traveler, there are some times when you need to go shopping in town, and it’d be easier if you can pinpoint an object you’d like to purchase if you can describe how it looks like in great details by mentioning what color it is.

Even if you’re not into shopper, learning how to say various colors in a local language would be very helpful in many different situations. The knowledge about how to say various colors in local language would be a great help if you work in medical or military or industry any many other fields.

How to Learn Indonesian Language

There are 12 basic colors in Indonesia, and some words are easy to remember as you can associate the word with something else in the English language. So what is the best and most effective way to learn about colors in Indonesian language? Just practice. Try to speak Indonesian with the locals describing how an object looks like by using the words you already know. You can also talk to a little kid and ask him/her what color his/her favorite clothes are or what color his/her house is, and many more. As a beginner, it’d also be a good idea if you buy a study picture book for toddler in Indonesian where you can learn how to say various colors in both the English language and Indonesian. Most of the times, you will not only learn about colors, but most of the time you will also learn about various objects that a toddler should know at his/her age, such as names of animals, objects in a house or class, numbers, and many more.

By practicing how to say different words for colors in bahasa Indonesia, you also practice other words in Indonesian.

Learning Indonesian language is fun and as one of the easiest languages in the world, you shouldn’t get any difficulty in studying the words and phrases as well. One of the basic and most important key to success is you have to have self confidence in practicing the language with the locals first. If you’ve learned the language for months or even years but don’t have the gut to practice the language, then it’s very likely that you will forget your bahasa within very short time.

Practicing a new language is very important as it will stick to your memory for longer period of time than just memorizing it without using it.

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