Lesson 8 of Learning Indonesian Telling Time

Learning Indonesian language is fun as Bahasa Indonesia is one of the easiest languages in the world!

In lesson 8 you will learn more about telling time in Indonesian.



Learning about numbers is part of the Bahasa Indonesia learning program for beginners. It is one of the most essential parts of the Indonesian lesson as with this knowledge you can develop further into learning Indonesian for telling time, bargaining or going shopping, greetings and introduction, and many more.

The Indonesian numbers are quite easy to learn. The system is exactly just like the English language.  You just need to study the numbers from zero to twenty, and you’ll be able to say the rest of the numbers until ninety nine. Later you need to learn how to say ‘hundred’, ‘thousand’, ‘million’, and ‘billion’, and that’s it! Before you know it you’ll be able to say the Indonesian numbers until billions. It’s just as simple as that. Learning the Indonesian numbers is not complicated at all as the systems works logically.

How to Learn Indonesian Numbers

However some learners still feel confused about certain numbers and get mixed up between the number ‘4’ and ‘6’. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are about 90% learners who always seem to get mixed up with these two numbers. And if you feel that it takes time for you to think before saying the numbers in Indonesian spontaneously, then you’ll need a little bit more practice to say it faster like the locals. Below are some ways of how to say numbers in a more spontaneous way:

  • Try to memorize the numbers from 1 to 20 and how to say the big numbers.
  • Ask someone to say the numbers in English orally and you try to translate them in Indonesian fast.
  • Ask someone to say the numbers in Indonesian language, and you try to understand those in English, which is the other way round of the previous steps.

If you do these steps over and over again, you’ll be able to say numbers in Indonesian in a more spontaneous way. And last but not least, it’d be a good idea if you go shopping to a local market sometimes and try to ask the price of goods and also try to bargain the price. It’d be better to go to a local market or to find a street vendor to practice your Indonesian rather than going to a supermarket as you won’t have many opportunities to practice your Indonesian speaking skills. It is because you can easily all the price tags stuck onto the products in the supermarket so you won’t have to ask the price again. Also, there’s no way you can bargain the price as everything sold in the supermarket is fixed price, right?

So if you really want to practice your Indonesian, especially practicing about how to say numbers in Indonesian, the best way would be just go to a local, traditional market, where there is no such things as price tags so that you can ask the seller directly how much the fruits or vegetables are and later try to bargain the price with the vendors. The best time to go to the local market would be early in the morning.

Learning Indonesian language is not difficult at all as long as you’re determined to do it seriously.

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