Lesson 9 of Learning Indonesian Companies

In lesson 9 you will learn more about Indonesian words regarding companies.



Learning Indonesian words and phrases for various situations is equally important as studying the grammar itself. If you’re planning to work in Indonesia, then your lesson should also include learning about the words and phrases used in work areas.

The good news is that learning the Indonesian phrases which are used in formal situation is more appropriate than the spoken ones as most companies in Indonesia use formal Indonesian language in the work related areas.

Keys to Learning Indonesian for Work

There are various aspects you should focus on when you’re learning Indonesian language for work.

  • Focus more on formal Bahasa Indonesia rather than spoken or colloquial one which is less used in formal situations.
  • You can improve your vocabulary by reading more articles focusing on economics or politics or medicals (according to your expertise) usually found in the journals, newspapers or printed magazines.
  • You can also improve your Indonesian listening skills by watching the Indonesian news broadcast on national TV rather than soap operas or songs which use more spoken language rather than formal one.
  • Try to record an Indonesian news program and listen to it over and over again and write down what you hear on a piece of paper and ask your Indonesian language instructor to correct it for you.
  • As most meetings in the office in Indonesia are conducted in Bahasa Indonesia, try to join the meeting and listen to what the participants say in the meeting and write down all the new words and phrases that you don’t understand on a piece of paper, and ask what the meaning is to your teacher.
  • Read as many Indonesian literature or articles as possible and always prepare a book so that you can write down everything you don’t understand and find the meanings in a dictionary.
  • Always practice your Indonesian language with people around you.

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