Learn Bahasa Indonesia Singapore

Learn Bahasa Indonesia Singapore

Plan to learn Bahasa Indonesia in Singapore but still can’t find a perfect timing to fit into your daily hectic work schedule? Don’t worry. We from Bahasaku have a solution of how to learn Indonesian language conveniently everywhere! With Bahasaku, you can learn Indonesian online via Skype. Our Indonesian learning program is designed specially for those who are eager to learn Bahasa Indonesia at any level. And for those who have learned Indonesian language before, we will send you a placement test to measure your Indonesian language skill competence.

Why Learn Bahasa Indonesia Singapore Online

There are many reasons why to learn Bahasa Indonesia Singapore online with us:

  • We have very flexible learning hours.
    We are available every day, from Monday to Sunday, even on public holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and New Year, from 7 am to 8 pm Jakarta time.
  • We provide very professional and experienced language instructors.
    All of our language instructors have been extensively trained of how to teach Indonesian language at all levels.
  • Very reasonable course fee.
    Our Indonesian course fee is competitive. The course fee has also includes free learning materials.
  • We provide fully customized learning materials.
    As each individual has different level of competence, we provide fully customized learning materials for each of you, especially for those who are already at intermediate or advanced level or interested in learning Indonesian language for specific purposes, such as for business, medical, military, and many more.

FAQs for Learning Bahasa Indonesia Singapore Online

Q: What is the online Indonesian learning schedule like?
A: You can choose your own schedule any day from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays, from 7 am to 8 pm Jakarta time.

Q: How long is 1 learning session?
A: As it is private lesson, you can choose between 1 hour to 3 hours or even more, depending on your requirement. But most students take between 1 to 2 hours for per learning session.

Q: What is the schedule like? Do I need to learn every day or once a week?
A: We have several learning packages available, from once-a-week lesson to more intensive ones. But most students study for once a week to three times a week, one hour to two hours each.

Q: Will the teacher also give me homework or additional exercises?
A: The teacher will always give you homework and/or additional exercises for each lesson completed.

Q: What is the time difference between Singapore and Jakarta?
A: There is 1 hour difference between Singapore and Jakarta, so if it’s 7 am in Jakarta it means 8 am in Singapore.

Q: Can I change my learning schedule?
A: You can change the already agreed learning schedule within no less than 12 hours prior the agreed schedule, otherwise the teacher will not be able to reschedule the missing learning hours. The same case is also the same if you happen to be late ‘in class’.

Q: What does private lesson mean?
A: Private lesson means it is a one-to-one lesson, meaning we provide one teacher for one student.

Q: When do I pay the course fee?
A: The course fee is paid in full in advanced before the lesson starts and it is nonrefundable.

Q: Can I get free trial lesson?
A: No worries! We truly understand that you need to have a free trial lesson to see how the online lesson works for you. Please feel free to contact us for a 30-minute trial lesson with our teacher online via Skype.

Q: When can I start the lesson?
A: As soon as we have received the payment for your course fee and you have arranged the learning schedule with our teacher, together with your Skype username, you are ready to learn Indonesian online.

Curriculum in Learning Bahasa Indonesia Singapore:

Below are the frequently asked questions regarding the curriculum that we offer at Bahasaku.id:

A: If I am a complete beginner who have never learned Bahasa Indonesia at all, what is the curriculum like?
Q: For those starting at beginner level, our Bahasa Indonesia class covers materials that include:
– how to use basic question words, such as ‘who’ and ‘what’;
– most used vocabularies. This includes objects we find around us at home or school or office as well as lists of adjectives and verbs to help you make good sentences in Indonesian;
– how to make affirmative, negative, and question sentences;
– basic grammar;
– conversations that involve various situations, such as: greetings, numbers (telling time, fractions, going shopping, etc), asking for directions, traveling around the city, going to the market, etc.

A: How many lessons are there in total for basic or beginner class?
Q: There are around 20 lessons in total for basic or beginner class, however you can already make good, simple sentences in Indonesian language after you have completed the first 4 lessons, and your Bahasa Indonesia skill will even improve better after you have finished until lesson 10.

A: If I’m at intermediate level, what is the curriculum like?
Q: It depends on what subjects you’d like to focus more on. If you’re more interested in general Indonesian, then the lesson materials are more general, including improving your vocabularies in various situations and grammar. For those who’d like to focus more on certain subject(s) such as medical or business or military or any certain subject, then the materials will focus more on the subject you choose.

A: Can I also learn about Indonesian slang language?
Q: The Indonesian slang is non-standard styles of expression used throughout the country which are very heavily promoted by the media and function in daily discourse, usually in informal settings. It is possible for intermediate or advanced learners to learn about the Indonesian slang as the grammatical structures follow the standard form of Indonesia’s national language. However for those at beginner level, it will be much easier and less challenging to learn the standardized formal Indonesian language, and as you progress you will find learning the Indonesian slang much easier.

A: Can I learn Bahasa Indonesia via Indonesian songs or movies?
Q: It is not a bad idea at all to improve your Indonesian language by listening to Indonesian songs or watching Indonesian movies, especially if you’d like to improve your Indonesian slang. However if you’d like to improve your formal Indonesian, it’ll  be a better idea if you listen to Indonesian news broadcast instead.

Learn Bahasa Indonesia Singapore Indonesian Language Online

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