Tips to Learn Indonesian Online via App

Below are some useful tips on how to learn Indonesian online via app. For those who have learned Bahasa Indonesia before with an Indonesian language instructor either online or offline class, then it’s time for you to sharpen your language skill by studying independently via some applications you can find easily on the internet.

  • If you are a beginner, it’d be best to start looking for basic Indonesian lessons first. These include learning the most used Indonesian words such as names of days and months, names of animals, body parts, greetings, list of adjectives and verbs, before proceeding to basic conversation.
  • Some learners can also benefit well when they study through some simple songs. These include Indonesian children songs which you can find easily online via many free apps on the internet. However listening to these songs only without knowing the meaning would be meaningless. After you find some songs you like, try to get the lyrics and find the meanings by looking up the new words in the dictionary. So how it works: Firstly, login into, secondly type the keywords Indonesian Children Songs into the search column. After you find what you like, find the lyrics online. However you wouldn’t have to do this if the lyrics are already included in the app. Thirdly, take note of the new words on a piece of paper (or book) and find the meanings in the dictionary. Last but not least, study them. This will definitely improve your vocabulary fast.
    Alternatively you can also find some Indonesian learning materials for elementary students via some apps available online for free. The words and phrases used in these lessons are usually simple ones and not too complex. If you still find some words are too difficult, then you can find some learning materials for kindergarten which would be very easy.
  • If you think you are an intermediate student or higher who have no problem understanding what you read in an Indonesian magazine or newspaper or from a television, then try to find more literature or movie and try to get more vocabulary from what you read or watch. You can find all of these learning materials online for free.
  • However for those who have never learned Indonesian language before, learning the language online via some apps could be very challenging and therefore getting an English speaking native Indonesian teacher would be a great help for you.
  • Other recommended learning resources are comics. Many people love comics. And you can easily understand the context from the illustrations provided and you can also learn how some words and phrases are used based on many different contexts. Other benefit from learning through a comic is the illustrator or author usually uses short sentences instead of a long paragraph. For those who are interested in learning spoken or less formal Indonesian language, then learning via some apps or comics would be a great idea. Unlike in most magazines and newspapers where we find very formal language, the language used in comics is usually less formal and more applicable in daily conversation.

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