Learn Indonesian Language

Why Learn Indonesian Language

Bahasaku.id – Why should you learn Indonesian language ? As the fourth most populous nation in the world, Indonesia has more than 150 millions of native Indonesian speakers now, making Indonesian language the official language of the country. Being similar to the Malay language widely spoken in Malaysia, it will also be very easy for you to understand Malay if you learn how to speak Indonesian.

Learn Indonesian Language

Reasons to Learn Indonesian Language

There are many good reasons why you should learn Indonesian language.

  • For business people

If you plan to relocate to Indonesia or wish to stay in Indonesia for some time for work or business, then it is time that you should learn the language. It is because most Indonesians do not speak English or any foreign language at all, and they only speak Indonesian and a local dialect. Therefore it will be very useful if you can speak the language with anyone within your office or at home (driver or helper) during your stay in Indonesia. Just imagine how frustrating it’d be if you can’t communicate with those around you especially in an emergency situation.

  • Frequent travelers to Indonesia

Either you travel to Indonesia for business purposes or simply as a tourist, it will be beneficial if you can speak the language when you are in the country. There will be times when you need to communicate with the locals, e.g. for shopping and bargaining, asking for directions, buying a ticket, ordering food in a restaurant, or maybe only a small chat with people around you.

  • Researchers or students

If you plan to come to Indonesia as a researcher or a student, then learning Indonesian is definitely a must. You don’t need to master the language in order to communicate with the locals. By learning the language only within a short period of time can help you understand simple conversation in Indonesian. This will help you a lot in your work field as a researcher or a student.

  • Teachers

Planning to teach Indonesian language in your home country? Then it is time for you to deepen your knowledge in Indonesian with us. Our English speaking, native Indonesian teachers can give you deeper insight of Indonesian terms or phrases based on our perspective as a native speaker. This is an added bonus that you will get from us as native Indonesian speakers. This is also something which is very difficult for you to obtain if you learn only from books or those who are not native speakers.

  • Housewives

If you are a housewife following your spouse working in Indonesia, then it will be very helpful if you can speak the local language so that you can interact with people around you, including with your helper or driver or personal assistant, also when you are going to the market, going shopping and bargaining, going to a restaurant or doing any other activities here in Indonesia. Staying in Indonesia for some time will make you communicate with the locals in Indonesian. This is a very good reason why you should learn Indonesian language.

How to Learn Indonesian Language Effectively

For those who have tried learning Indonesian language for a few years either by application or self-study books but still can’t really communicate well with the Indonesians, you might need to check if you have done the following things:

  • Increase your vocabulary.
    In order to be able to converse with the locals, you need to have enough vocabulary so that you can make your own sentences and be engaged in conversation.
  • Understand the grammar.
    Indonesian grammar is considered very simple therefore some knowledge of how to build a good sentence based on a good structure is required in order to be able to make good sentences which can be understood by others.
  • Practice your listening skills.
    Many English speaking people say that the Indonesians speak very fast. But this issue can easily be minimized if you improve your vocabulary so that you can catch each word that the speaker says to you. If you are still a beginner or at intermediate level, try to listen to Indonesian news broadcast on TV or radio where the announcers use formal Indonesian words only and try to understand the meaning. If you do this regularly, you can try listening to Indonesian songs or movies which are more challenging as they use slang Indonesian words sometimes.
  • Try to get yourself an Indonesian language teacher
    There are many apps now which you can download easily on the internet on how to learn Indonesian language which contains reading and listening too. However most of these apps contain very basic knowledge of Indonesian words only. These don’t really help you on how to speak or communicate in Indonesian in many different situations. And you can’t get any guidance if you make some mistakes in your pronunciation or other aspects either. Therefore it’s highly recommended that you get yourself a private Indonesian language teacher who can really guide you on how to improve your overall Indonesian speaking skills.

Learning Indonesian language is not as difficult as you might think it is. You just need to have a good system of how to make it work for you.

Other Useful Tips to Learn Indonesian Language

Below are some more other tips to help you learn Indonesian languaLige effectively:

  • Listen to Indonesian Songs
    Most people can learn Indonesian language better and faster by listening to Indonesian songs. You can start listening to Indonesian songs for kids which are much easier to understand and less complicated than those for adults.
  • Watch Indonesian movies
    Other useful tips to help you improve your Indonesian language is by watching Indonesian movies. Again, it’d be much easier and less challenging if you watch Indonesian movies for kids which use simpler and less complex Indonesian languages.
  • Read Indonesian books
    Just like the two above, it’ll help you a lot if you can read Indonesian books on a regular basis. Indonesian books for children are far easier than those for adults. You can also get some Indonesian comic books as an alternative.


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