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Bahasaku.id – Many people now choose to learn Indonesian online rather than learning the language in conventional way. With amazing breakthrough in technology, now we can attend any language class without having to be present physically at school. Thanks to the internet which enables us to attend bahasa Indonesia course from anywhere in the world at any time.

Reasons to Learn Indonesian Online

  1. Internet has made a great change on how people interact with one another. It gives us better alternative in almost everything, including attending schools. Now with the help of internet we don’t have to travel far anymore to attend classes. Engaging in an e-learning or distant learning system is a very cost effective way of learning. You don’t have to waste time and money traveling from your home or office to school. You simply have to connect to the internet and you can start learning immediately anywhere and anytime. Learning Indonesian online truly gives you flexibility in terms of time and place. As we are available every day from Monday to Sunday, from 5 am to 10 pm (Jakarta time), you can arrange your own learning schedule which suits you best.
  2. Most Indonesian language courses or schools overseas do not provide native Indonesian speaker as their language instructor. On the other hand we provide only English speaking native Indonesian language instructor to teach you Indonesian language. All of our teachers have been fully trained on how to teach Indonesian language to non-Indonesian speakers a.k.a. English speakers. The advantage of having a native speaker as your language instructor is that a native speaker knows exactly on how to apply the idioms or phrases correctly in any given situation. Indonesian language is an active language, meaning that it keeps developing and the number of new terms and phrases keep increasing each time. And therefore only native speakers living in Indonesia know the development of the Indonesian language from time to time.
  3. Indonesia is considered one of the most populous countries in the world and therefore Indonesian language is spoken by more than 150 million of people in the world. If you plan to work in Indonesia, then learning Indonesian would be an added bonus to your professional skills. Being able to communicate with the locals here will definitely ‘ease’ you in some way or another.
  4. For those planning to work in Indonesia, then some knowledge of the language would be favorable, not only because most locals don’t speak English, but almost all meetings in the offices are held in Indonesian language. Learning basic Indonesian language should not take you for long. Usually it takes about 1 to 3 months to master basic Indonesian language, including basic grammar, numbers, telling time, as well as engaging in simple conversations.
  5. Our bahasa Indonesia course covers a wide range of materials essential for you to speak Indonesian correctly, including Indonesian phrases, grammar, translation, listening and reading.
  6. As we organize private classes, we are open to all kinds of learning materials and questions regarding Indonesian language. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions regarding sentences or phrases you don’t understand you find in any documents or papers or any other printed materials and we would be more than pleased to give you assistance.
  7. All classes are individual, private ones, therefore you get the full attention of the teacher.

Advantages of Learning Indonesian Online

Compared to the old-fashioned, conventional way of attending language class, there are certainly more advantages of learning Indonesian language online.

  • Time and money efficient
    Traveling from one place to another not only wastes your time but also your money. Just imagine how much time and effort you have to spend each time you have to travel from home or office to school and vice versa, not to mention if you’re caught in a traffic jam or bad weather. By taking the Indonesian language course online, you can save a lot of your time and energy by simply staying at your home or office to attend the language class.
    Most online classes also offers more competitive course fees compared to the conventional way but still maintain good quality of teaching method.
  • We offer private Indonesian lesson
    Learning Indonesian language online gives you more privacy as we offer private lessons only, meaning one teacher for one student.
  • It gives you more flexible schedule
    As we offer private classes, the students have more flexible learning schedule, meaning you can learn Indonesian online from anywhere in the world as long as there is a good internet connection to enable you attend the class with our teacher live. This is perfect especially when you have very busy schedule or if your job makes you mobile most of the time and have to travel from one city to another as our teachers are also available every day, from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays. This is something that conventional language school can’t offer.

learn indonesian online

How to Learn Indonesian Online

With so many advantages of learning Indonesian language online above, what is the best way to learn bahasa Indonesia online?

  • Install Skype
    First of all, you have to install Skype for free. It works perfectly if you want to attend language classes online which enables you not only to type sentences on the screen, but also to listen to what the teacher is saying and attend the class live. Skype enables the student and the teacher to interact or communicate live online.
  • Take placement test
    If you have learned Indonesian language before, you need to take a placement test to asses your current level of your Indonesian language skills. This includes multiple choice questions, sentence making, and story-telling.
  • Choose your learning plan and schedule have various learning packages from intensive ones to less intensive ones. All lesson materials will be sent directly to your email. Some exercises will also be sent live via Skype by the teacher.

Learning Indonesian language wouldn’t take you too much energy and time as long as you know how to do it well. With all the benefits above, what are you waiting for? Let’s learn Indonesian online now!


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