A good knowledge of Indonesian grammar is an important thing that you should master in order to speak the language well. The good news is that Indonesian grammar is not complicated at all compared to many other languages in the world. All you have to do is just follow the simple rules and try to practice the language as often as possible.

How important is it to learn Indonesian grammar? Can we speak Indonesian although we have no knowledge of the grammar at all? Basically the Indonesian grammar is used for all formal situations, such as writing reports or articles in the newspaper or news broadcast. And we can leave out most of the grammars during informal conversation and we can still manage to engage in some simple conversations. However not having the knowledge of grammar at all would be very difficult as at least you still have to know the Indonesian word order which is different from the English language, without which it would be very difficult for the locals to understand what you are talking about.

One of the most basic and useful Indonesian grammar is to know about the word order in Indonesian. Our Indonesian word order is to place the adjective after the noun, which is the total opposite of that in the English language where the adjective precedes the noun in order to form a phrase. Another good example is regarding the possessive pronoun where the object precedes the noun or pronoun in Indonesian, which is also the total opposite of English.

To key to master the grammar in Indonesian language is that you should do a lot of practice, either orally during your Indonesian online course or in written as often as possible. Trying to understand a short reading passage will also help you comprehend the usage of the grammar in many different contexts and situations.

One of the reasons why many people say that basic Indonesian grammar is easy is because we do not have tenses at all in Indonesian language. We use the same verbs for all situations, either in past tense, present tense, or even in future tense.

Most grammar rules are not applicable in many informal (spoken) Indonesian. You can easily understand simple spoken Indonesian after you know how to use the grammar correctly in formal situations.

In Indonesian grammar we do have prefixes, suffixes, and affixes. However we only follow these rules in formal situations, especially in written documents and articles. And we do not really 100% follow these rules in colloquial Indonesian. You will be surprised to know that we can even engage in simple conversation not knowing or following the grammar rules at all.

Learning the Indonesian grammar is essential if you do want to speak Indonesian. However even a limited knowledge of the grammar rules is enough to make you speak the language in a short period of time in many informal situations.

Indonesian language is one of the simplest languages in the whole world and therefore it shouldn’t take you long to learn Indonesian grammar at all.