Learn to Speak Indonesian

Learn to Speak Indonesian FAQ

Below are the most frequently asked questions among those who are interested in learning Indonesian:

  1. How long does it take to learn to speak Indonesian?
    The answer varies among each learner. But generally those who are below 30 years old will significantly learn faster than those above 50. It also depends on whether you have learned the language before or not. If you have learned the language before, you will definitely take less time than those newbies. However please do not hesitate to learn the language as persistence and hard work still hold the key whether you will learn the language successfully or not. Even if you have never learn the language at all and you are already above 50, if you learn seriously and persistently, there’s no doubt that your speed and success can surpass those younger than you!However normally it takes around 3 to 6 months for a beginner to be able to speak basic (survival) Indonesian. Our Indonesian lesson for beginners (can finish within 1 to 3 months) includes the topics such as introduction, greetings, telling time, number, asking for directions, going shopping (including bargaining), making sentences and telling stories.
  2. Do I need a teacher to learn Indonesian?
    A learner who has a native Indonesian teacher will definitely make a significant difference in learning speed and efficiency compared to those who don’t have a language instructor at all. A teacher can tell you when you make mistakes so that it is less likely that you’ll make the same mistakes again. A teacher can also give you homework and assignments so that you’ll progress faster. If you have a native teacher, you can also practice your Indonesian by speaking Indonesian as often as possible during the learning sessions.A teacher can also explain the meaning of many Indonesian phrases and expressions that are non-existent in dictionary as well as give different examples of their usage in many different contexts and situations.
  3. Is watching Indonesian movies or listening to Indonesian songs a good idea to help you learn to speak Indonesian more effectively?
    Watching Indonesian movies or listening to the music can certainly help you learn the language. However if you don’t have a language instructor, you will have difficulty in understanding some expressions and idioms used mostly in the movies and songs. Especially because the Indonesian language itself is still developing and as a result more and more new terms and expressions are increasing each time making a non-native speaker difficult to comprehend.
  4. How often shall I take the Indonesian course, is it the once-a-week course or twice-a-week course or shall I even take it three times a week?
    To be effective you should take the lesson at least for twice a week for one hour to two hours each or even more depending on your personal preference. Learning any new language requires a lot of practice and the more practice you do, the faster it is to learn the language, and that is truly the  best way to learn to speak Indonesian


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