Translate English into Indonesia

How to Translate English into Indonesia

There are many ways of how to translate English into Indonesia bahasa or Indonesian language. The simplest and common way would be to use Google translate. This is very popular among Indonesian learners as they can get instant answer fast. However this method of translating is not recommended at all when you are translating a legal document, a book, or even a website, as sometimes the result is not only confusing but also misleading.

Therefore what is the best way to translate English into Indonesia? If you are looking for a single word translation or short phrases, using an online translation is still possible. But when you are doing a more tedious, serious work of translation, then you’d better avoid this online tool. Then the only possible answer is to hire a human translator who can help you translate a website or an article in a more accurate way.  There are times when we read a website in Indonesian language, we can easily see if the language has properly or improperly been translated from the English language.

Better Ways to Translate English into Indonesia

In order to translate English into Indonesia well, an experienced and professional human translator is required.  It is not difficult at all to spot if the translation was done professionally or not. Even one word can tell if the translator has used an online tool or a better way of translation from his work.

Translating English to Indonesian language is not merely a word-by-word translation. It requires an in-depth knowledge and expertise in order to be able to translate the whole document or website. In order to be a good English to Indonesian translator, you need to have a good TOEFL, or TOEIC, or IELTS score to prove that you are indeed capable of translating English into Indonesia. Then a good track record is also needed to let others know that you have already experience in translating English to Indonesian language.

Both the English and Indonesian languages are very complex. They don’t only consist of formal words but there are also informal or slang words which keep developing each day. Translating the English language into Indonesia requires you to fully understand if a website or document is targeted to a certain group of readers of certain age(s) and therefore you must adjust your Indonesian language accordingly. Failing to do so may result in poor translation quality.

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How Long to Translate English into Indonesia

You might wonder how long it usually takes to translate English into Indonesia. Well, the answer might differ based on many different situations. If you have short documents or articles of around 10 pages or so, it takes less than 3 days to finish the project. However if you have longer documents such as 30 pages of English documents that need to be translated into Indonesian language, then it usually takes around 1 full week to finish the project. However you can also get a speedy result for higher translation cost.

Please don’t hesitate to consult us for more details regarding prices to translate English into Indonesia.

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